Hydroponic Basil and Lettuce

Hydroponic Basil

Watertown Greenhouse has been producing Hydroponic Living Basil since 2014.  It typically takes 6 to 8 weeks for the basil that is first planted to be delivered on your favorite stores shelves.  

The plant grows in a sterilized growing material.  Once you get your living basil home, remove the plant from the plastic sleeve and place it in a cup of water to keep the rooting material wet. Place the basil in a sunny warm spot.  This will keep your plant fresh and growing.  

DO NOT plant your basil in soil .  It will not survive.  Living basil is not meant to live forever.  Your living basil will last up to a few weeks as you continue to water and take leaves off for your favorite  basil recipes.

Be sure to wash your Living Basil before using.  

Living Lettuce

Lettuce production started in 2017.  The lettuce is grown hydroponically in a state of the art greenhouse.  No pesticides are used, instead biological control organisms are used to control the insect pests. 

Lettuce  is harvested 4 mornings a week and is immediately placed in refrigiration to keep the lettuce cool and crisp.  It is delivered to your favorite store within 24 hours of harvesting.  

It is called Living Lettuce because the roots are still on the plant when harvested and packed.  This way moisture and nutrients continue to supply nourishment to the lettuce .  

The benefits of living lettuce is that you are getting the freshest flavor and it will stay fresh in your refrigerator for over 2 weeks.  

Be sure to wash your living lettuce before using.  Enjoy!

Where can you purchase our basil and lettuce

We are currently in :
Fox Brothers Oconomowoc

We are currently in :

Brennan Cellars - Watts Road, Madison 

Fox Brother Piggly Wiggly Ocomonowoc

Fox Brother Piggly Wiggly Hartland

Metcalfe - Hilldale

Metcalfe - Madison West

Metcalfe - Wauwatosa

Lake Mills Market - Lake Mills

Capitol Center - Madison

HyVee - Washington Ave. Madison

Miller and Sons -  Mt. Horeb

Miller and Sons - Verona

Woodmans - West Madison

Woodmans - East Madison

Woodmans - Sun Prairie

Woodmans - Menomonee Falls

Woodmans - Oak Creek

Woodmans - Kenosha

More Stores soon to come......


Coming soon

Commonly asked Questions

Can I plant my basil plant in soil? 

   No. When a plant is started hydroponically it  is not able to then grow in soil.  The roots will sufficate.

What do I  do with the growing material on the lettuce?

If you  are just using some of the lettuce leaves  keep the roots connected to the plant.  If you are using the whole head, cut off the growing material and toss it.  

Why do you call it Living Basil or Lettuce. 

When a product is harvested and the roots are left on the plant is is considered living.  The roots continue to  get moisture and nutrients to the plant to keep it fresh.  Living does not mean that the plant wont die or wilt.  It is not meant to live forever.  

Basil likes it warm, Lettuce likes it cool.